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Remo Coated 14" Powerstroke P77 & 14" Snare Side Hazy Snare Drum Refresh Pack

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Remo Coated 14" Powerstroke P77 & 14" Snare Side Hazy Snare Drum Refresh Pack. Give your snare drum a fresh new sound!



Remo 14" Coated Powerstroke P77 With 14" Ambassador Snare Side Hazy Snare Drum Head Refresh Pack


The Powerstroke® 77 Coated Top Clear Dot drumheads feature warm crisp controlled tones and projection. Constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil Coated films with a 7-mil inlay ring, Powerstroke® 77 Clear Top Dot Snare drumheads reduce overtones and provide a 5-mil top clear dot for added durability.

Remo Hazy Ambassador Snare Side The Clear Ambassador® heads are also available in 3 mil Snare Side Heads for a warm accentuated snare response. Ambassador Snare Side Heads are known as the standard of the industry.

The Hazy Ambassador® heads are medium-weight heads made with a single-ply 3-mil Mylar® film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack. Hazy Ambassador® heads accentuate snare drum response and give a classic look to snare drums.

Refresh Pack Features: *14" Coated Powerstroke P77 *14" Ambassador Snare Side Hazy

Please Note: Picture Is For Illustration Purposes Only - Remo Packaging Shown Can Be Changed By Supplier At Anytime.

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Manufacturer Remo Drum Heads

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