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1. Home pages configurationn

# Page Name Page HTML (Content tab) Page XML (Design tab) Layout
1. Home Page sources\demo\pages\home_page.phtml sources\demo\pages\home_page.xml 1 column
2. About Us sources\demo\pages\about_us.phtml NA 1 column
3. Customer Service sources\demo\pages\customer_service.phtml NA 1 column

2. Static blocks configuration

# Block Name Block Title Identifier Content
1. Footer List Footer List footer_list sources\demo\static_blocks\footer_list.phtml
2. Contact Block Contact Block contact_block sources\demo\static_blocks\contact_block.phtml
3. Map Content Map Content map_content sources\demo\static_blocks\map_content.phtml
4. Slider Slider slider_1 sources\demo\static_blocks\slider_1.phtml
5. Banner Block Banner Block banner_block sources\demo\static_blocks\banner_block.phtml
6. Social Icons Social Icons social_icons sources\demo\static_blocks\social_icons.phtml
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